About Me

I am a Junior Professor for geomaterials and crystalline materials at the university of Freiburg in Germany.  My main research interest lies in understanding the inaccessible Earth’s interior. I perform high-pressure and high-temperature experiments on geological relevant materials in order to gain a deeper understanding of the deep Earth’s interior.

I received my PhD (Dr. rer. nat) from the Bayerisches Geoinstitut at University of Bayreuth. My supervisors were F. Langenhorst and L. Dubrovinsky. The focus of my PhD thesis was on high-pressure experimental geoscience especially the effect of spin transition in geological relevant materials on other properties such as partitioning behavior or bulk moduli.

I am very concerned about efficiency in data analysis. The large increase of data collected in the last decade among almost all science disciplines facilitates the need for more and more potent software packages. During my career, I have been very active in supporting the community by developing programs for data analysis and exploration, which enabled new ways of approaching experiments or even empowered analysis of datasets which were previously almost impossible.

You can find news about my publications and downloads for my data analysis and data exploration programs on this website.