The program EELSA provides an easy-to-use approach to evaluate electron energy loss spectra data. It does the summation of spectra, subtraction of background and the deconvolution with the low-loss spectrum. All steps are visualized to see each step of dataprocessing.

Addtionally an extra interface for the determination from Fe3+/ΣFe from Fe L2,3 edge after the methods of van Aken et al. (2002) is included.

For spectra of other elements it also provides an interface to fit Gaussian, Lorentzian or Pseudovoigt distributions.


EELSA is written in the MATLAB programming language. The source code can be obtained from its github repository: just run the EELSA executable a MATLAB license is not needed. Only the R2016 b MATLAB component runtime (MCR) has to be installed, which can be downloaded from for all 3 major operation systems. EELSA is known to run on Windows 7, 8, 10, MacOS X and Debian Linux systems. The executables and a manual can be downloaded from the link below.


There has been no publication for the EELSA software in a scientific journal. But it has been used to produce results for several publications.

Download MCR Download EELSA