During my career, I have been very active in supporting the community by developing programs for data analysis and data exploration, which enabled new ways of approaching experiments or even empowered analysis of datasets which were previously almost impossible.

Here you can find a list of programs I wrote with a short description. Please click the links for further details and to access downloads of the programs.

  • Dioptas – a Python-based program for on-the-fly data processing and exploration of two-dimensional X-ray diffraction area detector data.
  • T-Rax  – a Python-based program for analyzing spectroscopic data typically measured during laser heated diamond anvil cell experiments.
  • MossA – a Matlab-based program for fitting of 57Fe conventional and synchrotron energy-domain Mössbauer spectra.
  • EELSA – a Matlab-based program for analyzing electron energy loss spectra (EELS) data.

All programs are cross-platform and I distribute executables for each of them. Thus, no Python or Matlab installation needs to be installed for runnint it. All of the programs are distributed via a GPL v3 license and the sourcecode can be found on my github page.