Monthly Archives: May 2020

Dioptas 0.5.1 Release

A new version of Dioptas has been released, with a couple of bugfixes and several new features. Notably the ability to load nexus detector files.

The executable versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux can be downloaded from or here

Anaconda Packages will be made available in the next couple of days and can be downloaded by using “conda install dioptas -c cprescher”.

New features:

  • Phase lines can now be shown in the Cake Widget. Intensity is shown as thickness and opacity of the lines.
  • Phase line parameters can now be copied out of the jcpds widget by using ctrl+c and used directly in your preferred table/text editor
  • Added a Detector Groupbox in the Calibration Widget. Predefined Detectors can now be loaded as well as Nexus Detector files. This enables to load e.g. Nexus detector h5 files which include positions for each pixel. (distortion correction and also useful for combined detector modules not adjacent to each other).
  • Added a Continuous Delivery Pipelines, which automatically create executables for all operating systems (Thanks to Github Actions)

Bug Fixes:

  • having parameters fixed during calibration works now correctly
  • the refine button now also works without automatic refinement and with just a calibration loaded from a file
  • reading trigonal rhombic cif files works now correctly
  • setting the dk/dT parameter now changes the Bulk Modulus of a phase. This parameter was previously ignored.
  • entering the range for the automatic background subtraction works now correctly
  • the motor setup widget is now not showing anymore after starting Dioptas on OS X
  • fixed double logarithm for the intensity distribution display histogram
  • (re)loading of a project with image transformations should now work correctly
  • loading cif files with the newer ‘_space_group_IT_number’ representation work now correctly
  • green line in cake widget is now shown correctly upon reloading dioptas