Dioptas 0.5.0 release

A new version of Dioptas has been released, with a couple of bugfixes and several new features.

The executable versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux can be downloaded from https://github.com/Dioptas/Dioptas/releases or here

Anaconda Packages will be made available in the next couple of days and can be downloaded by using “conda install dioptas -c cprescher”.

New features:

  • Added the capability of using detector distortion correction defined by spline files generated from Fit2D (please see the calibration parameters)
  • PONI and rotation parameters can now be fixed during the calibration
  • redesigned parts of the GUI: (1) the top controls in the Integration view no adapt to the used width, and split into two groups to make use of the space. (2) Overlay and Phase Control Widgets now are mainly controlled by buttons and the important parameter can be changed for each item individually in the table. (3) There is now a different view mode for the integration view, where image and integrated pattern are shown on the left, and all control panels are on the right. This can be activated by using the change view button on the lower left.
  • the cBN Seat Correction and Detector Incidence Absoprtion Correction Controls have been redesigned
  • Added the option to use a transfer correction for image intensities. Please see the Cor tab in the integration view.
  • azimuthal bins and azimuthal range for the cake integration can now be adjusted manually in the X tab the cake image can now be exported (press the save button below the image)
  • auto-extracted Pattern background can now be saved as file or later reused as overlay
  • the background subtraction algorithm is now also rewritten in cython, which should make deployment easier
  • a button was added to undo the last peak selection in the calibration tab the jcpds editor now also shows q-values for each line

Bug fixes:

  • cosmic removal in the mask panel is now working again
  • changing the radial bins in the X tab in the integration view works now correctly again
  • phases with trigonal symmetry should now work correctly
  • saved background range should now correctly restore after restarting Dioptas
  • browsing files works now correctly from 10 to 9 without leading zeros
    loading a *.poni file prior to an image will not result in an error message anymore

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