Dioptas – FAQ

Q: I would like to add my own calibrants to Dioptas. How do I do so?

A: You can add a new calibrant for Dioptas by adding a file into the calibrants folder of the Dioptas folder. The file should contain a list of d-spacings for your calibrant and the file-extension has to be “.D”. Dioptas will scan this folder on start and you can select your new calibrant.


Q: On Windows. Yesterday Dioptas was working and today I can not start it anymore. It gives the following error message: “Fatal Error! Dioptas returned -1”

A: Please delete the “C:/Users/<your Username>/.Dioptas” folder and restart Dioptas.


Q: On Mac OS X Sierra. Starting the Dioptas app gives an “OSStatus – 67062” error.

A: This is caused due to the new security settings of Mac OS X Sierra. Please run

"sudo spctl --master-disable"

in the terminal. This will disable all security settings regarding apps. Then please start Dioptas by double clicking it. After that enable it again by running

"sudo spctl --master-enable"

in the terminal.