Dioptas 0.4.0 release

A new version of Dioptas has been released. This is a major update with more than 460 commits. I want to especially thank Eran Greenberg for a lot o very useful contributions. The most important new features are multiple configurations and saving the state of Dioptas in Dioptas-project files.

I also managed to update the manual, which is now also hosted online under: dioptas.readthedocs.io/

Executables of the new version can be downloaded from:


Dioptas configuration controls display

Dioptas configuration controls

New Features:

  • added the possibility to work with multiple detector configurations at the same time (enabled by the C button on the upper left)
  • all your work (including mutliple configurations) can be saved into project files
  • Dioptas can restore the previous working session on start
  • there is now a Dioptas icon instead of the generic python icon
  • unmasking geometric shapes are now green instead of red, to clarify which mode is selected
  • added the option to use arcs for masking
  • Dioptas is now completely Python 3.5/3.6 compatible
  • Dioptas can now save pattern files as “FXYE” files (GSAS-II format)
  • background subtracted or other modified (absorption correction etc.) images can now be saved in batch mode
  • lists of phases including their pressure and temperature values can now be saved and loaded
  • the cake mode in the integration window now shows azimuth and tth/q axes
  • the cake image can now be shifted in azimuth, to have a better possibility to view features which were before only at the edges


  • fixed issues with changing units when having automatic background subtraction enabled
  • strong zooming into pattern view will not cause an error due to rescaling of the phase lines anymore
  • fixed issue with compromised Dioptas settings files, Dioptas will now start even if the settings can’t be loaded
  • fixed strange masking artifacts at the edges when using the polygon masking tool
  • fixed undock/dock process, which was not working properly (only image was shown without pattern after docking the img widget)
  • fixed image view scaling when loading differently sized images or switching between cake and image mode
  • fixed the CeO2 calibration file (there was a (9,0,0) reflection, which does not exist, instead at close position here should be a (8, 4, 0) reflection)

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